Pause Button

Hello fellow readers, writers, bloggers, geeks, artists of all kins:

It is occasionally good practice to take a step back and re-examine our accomplishments and re-visit our next goals.  As with many others, I find it difficult to hit that pause button.  We plod along even if our work is not 110%.  The sense of something unfinished leaves us a cold, forsaken mess.

It is with this hesitation that I have to take a short hiatus from my blog (though not from writing).  In returning to school, I will need to readjust my focus for the moment. I hope to stay in touch with the blogging community via more visits to your blogs and the bi-month to monthly post at Her Story Arc.  In the meantime, I will be re-visiting the purpose of this blog to create a more clear vision and to hone in on The In-Between.

Thank you for your support and I hope to soon bring you more quality content!

Resolve, Evolve

The wheel turned, a mesmerizing cascade

of days, years gone by the script reeling

“next year”, a whispered sardonic motto.


Next year, she will find calculated bliss

not at the bottom of a delectable pint

rather in the remorse of a tightened bottom.


Next year, he has unwittingly promised

shiny baubles of exorbitant fantasies

with an air of dedicated romance.


Next year, she will narcissistically capture

the desperate plastic of magazine perfection

nip ‘n’ tuck, needles are her best friend.


Next year, he has faithfully pledged

thoughtless, contrived words of charity

devoted only for a selfish, divine end.


The cacophony of promised change

spins a cycle of unfathomable greed

the consumerism of resolutions unmatched.


The wheel turns, a shift of perception

in time unmeasurable and unforgiving

beyond the cycle we become enlightened.


This turn, we will discover sweet relief

for millions of hopeful, willing stomachs

forgotten in gluttony’s rolling sea.


This turn, we will lovingly devote

sparkingly smiles of time spontaneous

painted with colors of living ardor.


This turn we will joyfully embrace

the untouched beauty of diversity

fulfilled through self-realization.


This turn, we will graciously support

with opened, involved hands of help

intent on the enlightenment of all.


This turn, we will evolve.


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