A New Endeavor

Circe Sisters Cosplay is an initiative my friends and I took to create a safe space in the cosplay community to discuss projects, ideas and issues.

As such, my writing has been put on hold as I focus on this initiative and continuing to contribute to Her Story Arc and FemHype. I plan to revisit my novel writing within the next five years once life has settled a bit.

In the meantime, if you are a cosplay fan, newbie, master, or just love seeing amazing costumes, come check us out!

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Pause Button

Hello fellow readers, writers, bloggers, geeks, artists of all kins:

It is occasionally good practice to take a step back and re-examine our accomplishments and re-visit our next goals.  As with many others, I find it difficult to hit that pause button.  We plod along even if our work is not 110%.  The sense of something unfinished leaves us a cold, forsaken mess.

It is with this hesitation that I have to take a short hiatus from my blog (though not from writing).  In returning to school, I will need to readjust my focus for the moment. I hope to stay in touch with the blogging community via more visits to your blogs and the bi-month to monthly post at Her Story Arc.  In the meantime, I will be re-visiting the purpose of this blog to create a more clear vision and to hone in on The In-Between.

Thank you for your support and I hope to soon bring you more quality content!